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Year 2008 Album

  Adam and I went to Minneapolis for
a couple days - December 2008.
  The La Mirada Olive festival. I ate one olive.
Taken September 20, 2008
  Pictures from Tlapa de Comonfort, Guerrero, Mexico, where my parents live.
Taken June 23, 2008
  We removed the old carpet, and refinished the hardwood floor. March 29, 2008.
  Pictures of Biola University during Easter Vacation. March 28, 2008..
  Some pictures from Uncle Don's memorial service in Burbank. March 24, 2008.
  Some pictures from a lunch after Uncle Chuck's memorial service in Burbank. February 29, 2008.
  Biannual Smith Family Reunion - The Pines Resort in Bass Lake.
February 15-18, 2008
Todd and Kristin   Biol University turned 100 years old on February 25, 2008.
Some pictures from that weekend.

Year 2007 Album

  Easter 2007 Pictures
  Doug Wolven Retirement and
:"Lily Pad" Launch Party
June 30, 2007
Ohio Small   Trip to Ohio for Andrew & Jill's wedding. July 7, 2007
New England   Trip to New England: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont & Maine. July 2007.
Joshua Tree Small   Trip to Palm Desert and Joshua Tree.
For Todd's Bachelor Party. July 2007.
Snorkeling Catalina Small   Trip to Catalina Island. We went snorkeling.
Also has a video. August 2007.
Todd and Kristin   Todd & Kristin's wedding, August 11, 2007.

Year 2006 Album

  January trip to Jacksonville, Florida to see my brothers and their families
  I took Ben and some of his groomsmen to Ensenada for a weekend
away, two weeks before his wedding
  I went to the wedding of my friends Ben & Kelly
in Anacortes, Washington in April.
  Fotos de Tlapa de Comonfort.
Photos of Tlapa
  July 5-7, 2006. Trip to Sequoia National Park with
Andrew and Adam.
  July 23, 2006.  Grace Group trip to downtown L.A.
for lunch, and to see the city.

Year 2005 Album

Tlapa, Mexico
   Tlapa de Comonfort, Guerrero, Mexico.
New York City
  I went to New York City for a week
  Trip to Yosemite National Park with Justin and Brent, June 2005.
Coast Trip
  Journey up the coast from Los Angeles to Portland with Justin R.
  Trip to Ensenada, Mexico, with Ben, Nate, and Todd.
July 2005.
Jul/Aug Trip
  Trip to Washington state for a family Reunion, July - August, 2005.

Year 2004 Album

Death Valley
   January 2004 trip to Death Valley. Mostly scenery pictures.
Brent's 25th
   Celebrating Brent's 25th Birthday.
Old Slides
   Some old family slides I scanned recently..
Camping in
   Camping in December with my good friend Ted, by the South Kern River.

Year 2003 Album

January 2003
   January 2003 Family Reunion in Tucson, Arizona
   April 17, 2003. A little birthday party at home.
Rockaway Beach
  Rockaway Beach, Oregon, June 2003.
Joel & Renée
   June 21, 2003. My brother Joel married Renée Graves..
Vegas Trip
  Trip to Las Vegas and Hoover Dam, July 2003.
Christmas 2003
  Christmas 2003 pictures of my family.

Year 2002 Album

January Trip to Mexico
Trip to Mexico City and Tlapa to visit my parents. I went with Andy & Kristen, Joel, and Faith Nam. Dec 31-Jan 11, 2002.
Haenggi Reception

Wedding Reception & Ceremony for Ted Haenggi & Germaine French

Green Bay, Wisconsin, March 23, 2002. Page 1, Page 2

Biola Spring Banquet
Some of my friends went to Biola's Spring Banquet. May 2002. Here are are some of their pictures. (I didn't go.)
Downtown May 25
Visiting downtown L.A. with Heather and Jonathan.  May 25, 2002.
Baby Gabriel
  Lisa's third child: Gabriel, my nephew. October 24.
Baby James Crouse
  Cousin Angela's first child: James Crouse. December 13

Year 2000 Picture Album
54 Pages, 449 pictures

39 Pages, mostly taken in 1999. See 1999 index.

134 Pages, about 600 pictures. See 1998 index. Some old pictures of me.

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