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Last Sunset of 1999
 The Last Sunset of the 1900's
 The First Sunrise of 2000

 Tucson, Arizona, January 1

Tucson Cactus
(2 Pages)
 Some pictures of cactus around Tucson, AZ

 January 2000

Tucson House
 Pictures of my parents' house in Tucson

 January 2000

Lisa's First Pictures
 Some of the first pictures ever taken of my sister Lisa

 January, 1975. I spent a week scanning old pictures
 (See Current Happenings 6-Jan-2000)

Trip to Palm Springs
March 2000, Trip to Palm Springs with the Granada Heights Friends Church 20-Somethings group.
Pictures of Flowers
On my trip to Palm Springs, I took a bunch of pictures of the flowers that were growing there (in Wilshire Palms in Palm Desert, actually)
Wyn, Dane, Josh Visiting
Wyn, Dane, and Josh visiting on a Friday evening.
(August 25, 2000)

Some fun poses. 

Around the House
Some pictures around our house. (August 27, 2000)

Our back yard and house.

Friday Night Movie
Movie night at our house. Sept 1, 2000

Dale, Steve, Ben, & Tyson came over.

Joel's Visit to California
My brother Joel came to visit me in August.

Pictures of an iguana in our pool.
Pictures of Joel's summer in Turkey.

Last Pool Party
The last pool party of the season.

September 26, 2000. We went swimming & watched a movie.

Marty's Ad
Marty Myers, the secretary of the Math/Computer Science Department at Biola, made an appearance in a local cable TV commercial. Here are some excerpts, plus a link to the ad (accessible only on Biola's network).
Fall 2000 Visitors
Some visitors to my house for various events. Season Premiere of "E.R.", another movie night.
David & Lisa in India
David and Lisa in India.

My sister and her family live in India. I recently added about 100 pictures of them, taken this summer.

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