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Livingroom Floor, Part 1 - Sanding

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We decided to remove the carpet in the livingroom, and refinish the hardwood underneath.

We spend a good part of this weekend sanding the hardwood. That's what took the most time for this project. We were tired of the carpet, and it was a little dirty. Here's what we had before:

dirty old carpet

ripping up old carpet

penny under carpet
We found a penny under the carpet. It had been there since the carpet was laid.
It's date: 1969. We're not sure when the carpet was laid

The hardwood underneath was somewhat stained. There was a lot of dust from the old padding.

matthew drum sander

Adam drum sander
We used a rented drum sander.


Joel sanding

Floor stripped
The floor stripped bare, ready to go. It looks okay in this part...
but the wood was stained by the entry way:

stains by entry
We hoped that putting wood stain on the floor would hide these old stains,
and not bring them out & make them more obvious. But we weren't sure.

Here's the wood stain we got at Home Depot:
gunstock stain
As you can see, it's called "Gunstock". That's part of the reason we liked it.

To see how it turned out, see Page 2.

[Part 1 - Sanding] [Part 2 - Stain & Finish] [Part 3 - Baseboards] [Part 4 - Done!]

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