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Pictures from 1998 and Before

This section consists of about 80 pages, with about 600 pictures, added to my album in 1998 or before. Sometime in 1998, I changed the way I organized my pictures, so that's why these are separate.  Here are the major sections:
Family My immediate family and my extended family, with a disproportionate number of pictures of my neice Naomi.
Friends Friends from Biola and church
GHFC Youth Group I worked with the Granada Heights Friends Church High School group for about six years. Some pictures from that era.
1998 GHFC Winter Camp One of the students had a new scanner, and scanned a bunch of pictures from this particular Winter Camp in Big Bear
WCHS Video Annual 1996-97 Pictures from the Whittier Christian High School Video Annual. We were experimenting with my new Snappy, which digitizes video.
Fun with Snappy Digitizing video is fun, but creative editing of the pictures is even more fun. Here are some of the results. 1 2 3
Old Pictures Some unorganized old family photos, from the turn of the century. I haven't organized these, in anticipation of doing do at the Feb 2000 family reunion. 1 2 3 Phil Smith
Miscellaneous Everything else. Friends, school pictures, etc.

You can also take a look at my old index, which lists file sizes, number of pictures, and most of the names of the people in the pictures. That page is often where search engines land. This new index is more of a hierarchy, that old one just has everything listed in one place.

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