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Las Vegas Trip - July 2003 - Page 1

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July 28 - 30, 2003, I went with some friends out to Las Vegas.  We all had some time off, and Las Vegas is cheap to visit during the week, so we just went out there to get out of town.

Matthew, Justin Peters, Brent, Jill (Brent's wife).
We're standing above Las Vegas Blvd, between New York, New York and MGM Grand.

Stacy Rouwenhorst (Jill's sister), Jill, Brent

Top: Justin, Matthew in our hotel room (Sahara Hotel)
Left: Brent, Matthew in front of MGM Grand sign

Dinner at Luxor Hotel's Buffet: "Pharoh's Pheast"

Justin, Stacy

Matthew, Jill, Brent

The Buffet at Luxor was really good.  Expensive ($17.95), but good.
Our hotel rooms were only $39/night

Relaxing at the Hotel

It was pretty hot during the day.  We went swimming, we sat around the hotel.  The girls went shopping and the guys drove out to Hoover Dam (see page 2).

Driving Back

The girls left a few hours before we did.  The three of us got stuck in traffic near the state line. We spent 45 minutes going 1 mile, so we got off, ate lunch in Primm, NV, watched a movie, then continued on.  The construction traffic had cleared up by then.

People who live in Primm

While in Primm, we rode the free tram across the freeway from Whiskey Pete's to Buffalo Bill's. It gave us a good view of the traffic.

The ride back was not so great. We go all the way back to Whiskey Pete's, the tram doors opened, but the hotel doors did not.  We waited for a while, then went all the way back across the freeway. A maintenance person got on, looked around, then sent us back across (Why doesn't he come with us, we wondered).  When we arrived, same thing.  There was a minor riot. The operator didn't seem like she knew what she was doing.  Finally someone showed up with a key and let us out the "in". The whole ordeal was about 45 minutes.

I wondered why they can't hire people who seem to have more of a clue.  But then I realized that the people who live in Primm, Nevada all have the same problem: they live in Primm.

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