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July/August Trip to Washington - Page 1

This summer, I went with my family up to Oregon and Washington for a family reunion. Here are some pictures from that trip.  During the trip, I wrote a Road Trip Blog.

Page 1 - Pictures of Oregon, California, and Arizona
Page 2 - Family Reunion in Newport, Washington
Page 3 - Pictures around western Washington
Page 4 - Scenery and Wildlife

Driving up Interstate 5 in California, by Mount Shasta.  I'm in the brown Nissan.

Crater Lake in Oregon

Crescent Lake on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington

A my uncle & aunt's house in Gresham, Oregon

Aunt Kathy, Mom, and Stephen looking at pictures of Africa

My cousin Stephen's kids and my sister Lisa's kids

My nephew Gabe

Gabe in his car seat in Dad & Mom's Durango.

A picnic in Brea with my sister's family and my cousin Monica's family.

After our trip, I stayed in California to begin the semester teaching, but my sister, her family, and my parents went back to Catalina, Arizona for a few days.  Here are some picture of them there.

Some pictures of the house where I lived for about 7 years before moving to California

My nephews and niece, and my parents

Riding on the bumper

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