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Trip to Ensenada, July 2005

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My friends Nate, Ben, Todd, and I took a weekend trip down to Ensenada, Mexico.  We left Friday, July 15th around 7pm, and got back early evening Sunday the 17th.  We brought along a digital video camera, and these pictures are still shots from that video.

Above: Nate

Left: Ben & Todd.

Nate & Ben brought their favorite pillows along.




We had planned to leave around 6:00pm, but by the time we packed up the car, went to three different ATMs at three different banks (in one parking lot), it was closer to 7:00.  We ordered pizza from Little Caesar's to eat in the car on the way down.


Our first little stop: Las Flores View Point along the 5 freeway (along the original El Camino Real).

Ben, on talking to Kelly on the East Coast


Looking at about a dozen bunnies

We stopped in Chula Vista, along the 805, and got gas at the corner of E Street & Broadway.  Apparently this gas station used to be an Arco, (with the am pm still on the trash can), but for some reason, couldn't be an Arco anymore, and changed their name to Zarko:



We crossed the border and drove down to Ensenada.
We took the toll roads, and paid $2.35 four times
before arriving at our motel.


Prepare su cuota. Automoviles $25.00.
25 pesos or $2.35 US. (Exchange rate of 10.64)

The official exchange rate was about 10.6 that day

We stayed at the Posada Del Mar, a few km north of Ensenada:


The left over pizza "fell" on the car.

Todd blaming Ben for the "accident".


Nate approves of the motel room.

Some flowers outside the motel.

We stopped by Las Rosas, a nice hotel, to take a look at their lobby and swimming pool, which is right next to the ocean.


Arriving in Ensenada

We stopped at a little restaurant for breakfast.
Only 100 pesos for 4 breakfasts.  No menu,
just a standard juevos, rice, bean & tortillas.
And caf.


Next, we spent a little time in the tourist section of Ensenada, and looking at the harbor & fish market:

Waiting for Ben at the internet caf.



Above: the fish market

Right: An interesting painting of Mary with
Pope John Paul II.  We saw this for sale
a lot of different places.


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