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Joel & Rene's Wedding - June 21, 2003

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Joel & Rene Weathers

My brother Joel Weathers married Cynthia Rene Graves on June 21, 2003, in Jacksonville, Florida. Here are a few pictures from that week.  I also wrote more about the trip in a section about my two trips in June 2003.

Best man Craig Tuggy and groom Joel Weathers trying on tuxes.

Joel turned 25 a few days before his wedding.
David is lighting his birthday cake.

Joel and siblings.
Andy, Lisa, Joel, Matthew

Joel and immediate family: Esther, Andy, Lisa, Joel, Matthew, Mark.

Joel sang a song he wrote for Rene for the processional.

With Rene's parents: Wayne and Wendy Graves.

Weathers family. Dale, Jan, Sue, Nathan, Lisa, Daniel, Matthew, Esther, Mark, Rene, Joel, Andy.
At the reception.

After the reception, they got in their getaway car, but they only
drove six houses down the street, to the back yard of this house...

Which is where they made their getaway in a Boston Whaler boat:

And rode off in the sunset together:

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