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My 1999 Picture Album

1999 was a busy year. I took most of these pictures during 1999, but some of them are from before, just put together during 1999.
Trip Downtown
 Visiting L.A. with Phil Stevens
 and Amy Fisher.
Josh's 19th
(Four Pages)

Celebrating Josh Train's 19th birthday
Espen Shackelford
(Two Pages)
 My friends David and Heather Shackelford
 had their first baby
Random, Unorganized A few random, unorganized pictures.
(8 Pages REMOVED)
 My friends got married
 on the beach. September 1999.
 Includes some movies. REMOVED
(Two Pages)
Our Sunday School class.

Some Family Pictures

Sister's Family Sept 1999
 Some recent pictures
 of my sister's family
Crouse Wedding My cousin Angela's April 1999 wedding
New Baby Josiah
 My sister Lisa, gave
 birth to my first nephew
Naomi's 1st Birthday
 My niece's first birthday
November 1997 The four of us siblings got together in November 97.
Thanksgiving 1999
(Three Pages)
 Thanksgiving 1999 at Gail Wille's house
 (my brother's mother-in-law)
Smith Party
(2 Pages)

The annual Smith Family Christmas Reunion


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