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Fun Stuff for 2007

This section is just for some of my random, unorganized pages.

Legal Puzzle Who's at fault for the death of Ronald Opus?
Spring 2007 Schedule My weekly schedule for the spring semester at Biola.
Smallest Unknown Prime What's the smallest unknown prime number?
Our YouTube Videos Links to some recently-posted YouTube videos (mostly home movies of parties & trips).
Golf Balls on Moon There are only two golf balls on the moon

Fun Stuff for 2006

Spring 2006 Schedule My weekly schedule for the spring semester at Biola.
Biola Cafeteria A Pointer Page to the real site. They have a nice page, but it's not searchable
Josiah Morgan Picture of one of my cousins, so that he will show up on search engines
FTP Drop Box Instructions for using my incoming FTP drop box, if you need to send me
a large amount of data.
Pinnacle Studio A reference to a small question I had. I couldn't find the answer online,
So now I'm posting the answer online.
Fall 2006 Schedule My weekly schedule for the fall semester at Biola.
Favorite Galaxy I chose NGC 938 as my favorite galaxy. Here's a picture
Shuffling Cards Every time you shuffle, you get an order unique in human history
Bible Reading Record A document that helps you mark of what chapters you have read.

Fun Stuff for 2005

Confluence 48N 117W Visiting a degree confluence (where latitude & longitude meet) in Idaho
Spring 2005 Schedule My weekly schedule for the semester
Taxes 2004 I paid more than 10% in taxes this year
Favorites These are a few of my favorite things, including my favorite number, 38.
Fall 2005 Schedule My weekly schedule for fall semester at Biola.

Fun Stuff for 2004

Spring 2004 Schedule My weekly schedule for the semester
12,000 Days Old Splitting my life up into 2000-day eras
Taxes 2003 Another Tax Year comes to an end. Refunds again.
4000 Days Since Graduation My Life Chart from May 1993 until now.
Biola Transcript My Biola Transcript 1989-1993
Biola Account My Biola Account.  It cost $57609 to go to Biola. Here's where it all went.
Glimpses of the Past Some excerpts from an old journal, and speculation on future prices.
Volatile Airfare Prices A chart that shows how quickly airline ticket prices can change.
Distinctives Is A Word I changed my mind... it is a word after all.
My PageRank My Google Page Rank is 5/10.
Angry Cat Story A humorous urban legend
Dvorak for Emacs Using the Dvorak keyboard in Emacs
Debit Card Fraud Someone stole $600+ from my checking account. I called the Bill Handel radio show about it.
Public Transportation Cost The most expensive and the least expensive public transportation trains to ride.
The Weathers Constant Describing the uses of the Weathers Constant in everyday life. Includes a table of important physical constants.
Interesting Things Some random memorable pictures and a story
Voter Guide 2004 My Recommendations for the upcoming election
Animals at Play Fun pictures of pets: "What animals do when you're gone"
Antipodal Maps To the opposite ends of the earth!
Fall 2004 Schedule My weekly schedule for the semester

I have a section called Current Happenings. See what's going on in my life.

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