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Antipode Maps

For every point on earth, there is another point exactly opposite, the farthest point on earth away from you.  That point is called the antipode.  I recently bought a GPS receiver (Garmin etrex), so I measured the location of my house, and made a map of the point exactly opposite - it's nothing exciting, just a spot in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  Here are the maps.

My House: N 3354.630', W -11801.036', elev: 147ft
or N 33.9105, W -118.0173


Antipodal Point: S -33.9105, E 61.98274


Given a point on a sphere with latitude δ and longitude λ, the antipodal point has latitude -δ and longitude λ180 (where the sign is taken so that the result is between -180 and +180).

Also, see

Here are four locations on earth that have the same latitude/longitude coordinates, with the signs flipped.  One is my house:

My House: N 33.9105, W -118.0173
N 33.9105, E 118.0173

S -33.9105, E 118.0173
S -33.9105, W -118.0173

Pretty much all of the continental United States has antipodal points in the middle of the Indian Ocean.  There are two small islands in that ocean, however, Ile Amsterdam and Ile St. Paul, owned by France.  The antipodal points for these islands land in rural Colorado:


Antipodal points for Ile Amsterdam (Mapquest Map of N 3750', W -10335') and
Ile St. Paul (Mapquest Map of N 3843', W -10331')

There's also Kerguelen Island, which has it's antipode on the Montana-Alberta border, and some tiny islands off its northern coast which have antipodes in Montana.  I don't have a map, but here's what looks like the official site. (Thanks to B. Lehman for the info).

Here are some other interesting facts and links:

And here's the map I was looking for the whole time:

It's from (there's a list of antipodal cities, too).

Update October 2006: I discovered a Wikipedia article about antipodes.

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