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FTP Drop Box Instructions

If you need to send me a large amount of data (like 75 MB of pictures, or a 40 MB backup file you want me to keep), you can use my FTP Drop Box.  It's faster and better than email, because some email systems have a limit on the size of attachment you can send.  Here's how:

Windows / PC Instructions

Macintosh Instructions

More Detailed Instructions - Windows

To send files, make an FTP connection to this address: ftp://ftp.matthewweathers.com/incoming.  Using Windows, the easiest way to do this is to open up "My Computer" from the Start Menu, then copy & paste this address into the "Address" bar, replacing "My Computer".  If your window isn't showing the Address bar, go to "View", then "Toolbars", then check the "Address Bar" option. A window will show up that looks like this:

Then, all you have to do is drag and drop files into that folder that you want me to have.  Since this is a public folder, it's sort of one-way: you can put files there, but you cannot read files that are already there.  Also, you cannot create folders or delete files.

If you are familiar with some other FTP client program you prefer, you can use this info: server: ftp.matthewweathers.com, username: anonymous, password: (anything works).

Be sure to let me know once the files are finished uploading, so I will know to go get them.  You can send me and email, or just leave a note below, in the comment box.


PS -- Making this page today (18-April-2006) finally completes something on a To-Do list from 11-Aug-1999, "Make a link and instructions for incoming FTP directory".  Let's see... that's 2442 days.  No I can finally cross it off.



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