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The Eras of My Life

February 22, 2004: Today I turned 12,000 days old. I decided to take a look back on my life timeline and summarize what I have been doing these past 32+ years. My life divides up roughly into 2000-day increments, as follows:

Day Title Description
0 to 2000 Before School During my first days, I spent most of the time in Mexico, living in different places.

On Day 2000, my parents were on furlough, in Glendale, and I had just started Kindergarten.

2000 to 4000 Grade School During this era, my family made the transition from living in Mexico to living in Dallas, TX, then ending up in Tucson, AZ. 1st-5th grade.

On Day 4000, I was finishing up 5th grade in our new house in Tucson.

4000 to 6000 Growing Up The next era covers Junior High and the beginning of High school in Tucson, AZ. 6th through 8th grade was in Tucson, 9th grade was in Temple City, CA

Day 6000 found me starting 10th grade, back in Tucson, AZ

6000 to 8000 Leaving Home I finished up high school in Tucson, then moved to La Mirada, CA, to go to Biola University for four years.

On Day 8000, I was a Senior at Biola, two months from graduation.

8000 to 10000 Apartments I lived in three different apartments in the La Mirada area after graduation. First on Gagely Drive, then in December 1994, I moved to Colima Road, then in November 1996, I moved to Leffingwell Road.

Day 10000 was Sept 1, 1998, my first month of my first year teaching at Biola. I worked at several computer jobs full-time.

10000 to 12000 A House I moved to the La Mirada House on day 10086, and have lived here ever since. During this era, I made the transition from the work world to part-time teaching, then to full-time graduate school.

Day 12000 was today, February 22, 2004. My parents were in town to help me celebrate.

Living With My Family - A Home that was Mobile

While I was living with my parents and siblings before college, we moved around quite a bit. Here is a chart that shows the chronology of some of our moves.

After 5th grade, Tucson was our permanent home (see pictures), except for a year in California (but we knew we were coming back to Tucson after the year).


At Biola

I moved away from my parents' house in Tucson August 1989, and never lived there again. I moved to Biola for the next four years, until May 1993, when I graduated. My first year, tuition, room, and board were $4101, $980, and $835 respectively, per semester.  By the last year, it had gone up to $5378, $1140, and $992. Here's how it added up:

I ended up graduating with $11,850 in school loans (after fees), which I paid off almost four years later, in March 1997 (see picture). I ended up with two majors: Math and Computer Science, and graduated Magna Cum Laude, with a GPA of 3.822. The above numbers are rounded, and somewhat of an estimate. I have the full record on this web page: My Biola Account, which shows exactly where every dollar went.

Here's a chart of where I lived, and with whom. (See a Biola Campus Map)

Semester Year Room Roommate
Fall 1989 Freshman Horton 124 Dan Tucker
Spring 1990 Freshman Horton 124 Dan Tucker
Summer 1990   Hart 1st Odd  
Fall 1990 Sophomore Horton 224 Dan Tucker
Spring 1991 Sophomore Horton 224 Mike McKinley
Summer 1991   Hart 1st Even  
Fall 1991 Junior Horton 224 Mike McKinley
Spring 1992 Junior Horton 224 Mike McKinley
Summer 1992   Hart 2nd Even  
Fall 1992 Senior Horton 224 Ted Haenggi
Spring 1993 Senior Horton 224 David Saline

I took between 16 and 18 units every semester, except I only took 13 my last semester.  I took a 3-unit Interterm class in January 1990. See a copy of my Biola transcript, which has a list of what classes I took.

Three Apartments

I spent the next five-and-a-half years living in three different two-bedroom apartments, all within two miles of Biola.

Apartment Dates Roommates Rent
14916 Gagely Drive #6
La Mirada, CA 90638
(310) 946-8885
May 1993 to Dec. 1994 Dave Vivona
W. (until 1/22/94)
Split $630?
11540 Colima Road #1
Whittier, CA 90604
(310) 946-8885
Dec 1994 to Nov 1996 Dave Vivona Split $700
15057 Leffingwell Road #2
Whittier CA 90604
Nov 1996 to Oct 1997 Eric Oldenburg Split $650
Living with Peters family six weeks, Oct-Nov 1997   Free

During that time, I had three jobs.  See my page about changing jobs, and you can see a resume from that era. These jobs overlap somewhat. For the most part, I worked full time, but during the overlaps, I was usually part-time.

Company Dates Location
Kohlenberger Associates Summer 1992 - Oct 31, 1995 Fullerton
Irvine Compiler Corp (ICC) Apr 25, 1995 - July 31, 1999 Irvine
IRSC Aug 2, 1999 - Jan 19, 2001 Fullerton/Brea
Biola University Fall 1998, Spring 1999 (3 units)
Fall 1999 to Spring 2002 (half-time)
La Mirada

A House

Ever since November 26, 1997, I have been living in the same rented house, but with lots of different roommates.  I also slowly transitioned from working at ICC to working at IRSC to working at Biola, then attending and working at USC.

I made a chart detailing where I lived and with whom. See my Life Chart of the last 4000 days. Along similar lines, see "My Place in Life", about my physical place in this world.  Also, I wrote about my perspective of time in "The End of 2003".

I am currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Computer Science at the University of Southern California.  I started working there as a Teacher's Assistant in Fall 2002.  I have posted on this web site detailed schedules for these semesters: Fall 2002, Spring 2003, Fall 2003, Spring 2004.


With my parents, the day I turned 12,000 days old.

  We celebrated
with an ice
cream cake.

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