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I upgraded to the newest version of Pinnacle Studio, and started getting this warning from my ZoneAlarm program:

PMSRegisterFile.exe is trying to act as a server

Since I couldn't find anything on the internet, I asked Pinnacle about it, and now I'm posting their response, so others can find this:

Discussion Thread
 Response (Gabriel) 05/25/2006 04:03 PM
Hello Matthew,

Yes, it is part of Studio, it is the application that verifies the register. You can block if it you want, since internet connection is not required for Studio to work fine. Thank you.
 Customer (Matthew Weathers) 05/25/2006 01:04 PM
I just recently started using Version 10.5, and have upgraded to

Right when I finish rendering a video, my ZoneAlarm program warns me that PMSRegisterFile.exe is trying to access the internet. Is that part of Studio? What is it for? I can't find any mention of it in the help files.


--Matthew Weathers


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