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Confluence 48N 117W

Cartographers measure the location of a position on earth with degrees latitude and longitude.  Every 60 miles or so, these lines of latitude and longitude cross.  After our family reunion nearby, armed with our GPS units, we went on a hike to find this location.

This is what the area looks like there.

It turned out to be quite a steep hike at the very end, with about a 45 slope up the mountain.  Still, we pressed on.  Here's a picture (taken afterwards), which shows the approximate location of the confluence:

As you can see, we had some young children along.  It was kind of steep for some of them, but they made it, except for mom & baby, who waited at the bottom of the hill.

At the confluence.

The kids made it there, too

Here's the readout from one of the GPS units.

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