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My Life Chart - 4000 Days

This chart summarizes some of the big events in my life since my graduation from Biola over 10 years ago.  It covers the most recent two 2000-day eras of my life (See "The Eras of My Life").  This is also available in Microsoft Excel format here: life_chart.xls.  I also have an Excel chart that lets you see your life in terms of days: lifespan.xls (If you don't have Excel, try this PDF version: lifespan.pdf)

Update: March 2004 through July 2005:

Same location, Same roommates.

Summer 2004, I worked at USC's ISI full-time.  July: spent a week in Mexico City.
Fall 2004, I continued work at ISI, taught CS 105 and FYS at Biola, and took CS 573 (Advanced A.I.) at USC.
Spring 2005, I taught CS 271 (Discrete Structures) at USC.  In May, I graduated from USC with a Master's Degree.
Summer 2005, I went on a bunch of trips, and enjoyed the summer off.  See Year 2005 Pictures.

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