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Interesting Things - September 2004

Here are some interesting pictures and stories I've collected recently.

Here's something I don't understand... ANA paid $140 million for a 747, then painted it like this:

A couple weeks ago, I was driving to work and saw this plane land at LAX. From  See more:

Here are some other interesting pictures:

A whitetail deer sits helpless on the ice of Middle Foy's Lake near Kalispell, Mont., on November 26, 2002. Unable to stand, the deer was rescued by fish and wildlife workers who used a boat to break through the inch-thick ice and pull the animal to shore.

And here's a story I had heard somewhere a long time ago (this version from here):

A friend of a friend worked in a hospice where two elderly bed-ridden men shared a room. One of them had a bed next to a window, and would sit and describe in loving detail to his friend the children playing in the sunshine, the dogs loping in the park and any really nasty street fights. Though he loved the descriptions, the other chap soon became sick with jealousy.

This went on for months, until one night the man by the window suddenly groaned and called to his pal, "Ooh, you've got to ring for help, I don't think I'll last the night." The other fellow reached for the alarm, but then thought, "If he goes, I'll get the bed by the window." So he lay back and ignored the moaning.

Sadly, in the morning staff found the poor old bloke stiff as a board, but they reassured his pal that they'd soon have some more company for him. "I must have the bed next to the window!" he snapped. The nurses explained it would be easier if he stayed put, but he angrily insisted. So they lifted him to the other bed. Expectantly, he levered himself up and peered through the window - to see a solid brick wall.

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