The Weathers Constant

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The Weathers Constant

The Weathers Constant, W,  can be used in many areas of mathematics, economics, and computer science, and biology. The value of the constant is easy to compute, and easy to memorize:

W = 2

Table: Fundamental Physical Constants

Physical Constant




Weathers Constant



Speed of Light


299 792 458

m sec-1 (Definition)

Planck constant


6.626 075 5(40) x10-34

J sec



6.626 075 5(40) x10-27

erg s

Avogadro constant


6.022 136 7(36)x1023


Molar gas constant


1.987 215 6




8.314 510(70)


Boltzmann constant

k = R/N

1.380 658(12)x10-23




1.380 658(12)x10-16




3.141 592 653 589 79


Carman Constant



In Mathematics, the Weathers Constant is used when one needs to double a value: simply multiply by W.  For example, to find out what twice as many as 35 is, simply multiply by the Weathers Constant: 35 X W is 70.

Another, lesser-known use for the Weathers constant is to find out half of a value.  Use a similar procedure, but divide by the Weathers Constant rather than multiply.  For example, to find out what half of 8 is: 8 / W is 4.

Also, W is the first prime number.

The Weathers Constant also finds uses in Economics.  For example, if sales were $4000 last month, but you wish to double the sales for the next month, simply multiply by W, and you will get $8000.  Also, in the more dodgy side of economics, Las Vegas gambling, you can use the Weathers Constant to calculate your winnings at the Roulette Table.  If you put $20 on Red, and the ball lands on a red number, you will get $20 X W, or $40 in return.  However, if the ball lands on black or green, you will have to multiply by the Carman Constant, C: $20 X C = $0 (Discussion of the Carman Constant will have to wait until another time).

In Computer Science, the basic binary numbering system is base 2, which equals W.  In Biology, animal require W individuals to carry on one of the basic functions of life.  When you cut an orange in half, the number of pieces you have left is W

Advantages of using the Weathers Constant. Unlike some other, unwieldy physical constants, the Weathers Constant is short, easy to use, and quick to memorize.  Even grade-school children can learn to use it in every-day life.

In short, the Weathers Constant is useful for many areas of science and every day life.  You should memorize its value and learn to use it everywhere you go.

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