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My Favorites

I have a list of favorite numbers, favorite times, and favorite colors.


My favorite number is 38. I also have a series of favorite numbers:

Favorite 1-digit number 8
Favorite 3-digit number 938
Favorite 4-digit number 5938
Favorite 5-digit number 95938
Favorite 6-digit number 595938

My favorite prime number is classified, but my second-favorite prime number is 502,026,001.


Favorite second of the hour: 59:38

Favorite minute of the day (tie), 9:38am or 9:38pm

My favorite minute of the year is April 16, 6:04am, Pacific Time.


My favorite color is purple, specifically with the RGB value of (138,0,138), or #8A008A hex.

Here is that shade of purple with two other colors that make up a color scheme:


I can't really say I have a favorite place in the world, but the location at the degree confluence of 38 North and 38 East would probably come the closest.  However, I've never been there.  It's in the middle of Turkey, see the Degree Confluence web page about this location.  Here's a picture:

In the US, I would have to say my favorite place to be is home, and my favorite state is California.  My favorite restaurant in La Mirada is Cafe China.  And my favorite restaurant in the L.A. area is probably Philippe's, or Philippe the Original, as it's officially called.  My favorite restaurant in the world is the Bellagio Buffet, in Las Vegas.

There are various reasons why I have chosen these as favorites.  Some are just sort of arbitrary choices, like the place in Turkey, because it happens to be at the corners of that specific latitude and longitude.  The restaurants are my favorites because I like the food there.

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