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Fun Stuff for 2002

This section is just for some of my random, unorganized pages.

Biggest Cities I like big cities. Here's a list of the 15 biggest cities in the world
LAX to USC Getting from LAX airport to USC on public transportation
Fall 2002 Schedule My schedule for the Fall semester this year.
Armed Suspects at Biola La Mirada's a pretty peaceful area, so is Biola. So when something happens on campus, it makes the news. Here are several news stories about an incident on campus December 4.
Truncatable Primes What did I do when I finished my last final this semester? I did extra math homework, just for the fun of it!  Sort of.
Movie Zip Codes A chart of the ZIP codes of my most-frequented movie theaters, plus links to show times
Distinctives is Not a Word My sermon against using the word "distinctive" as a noun. Only Christians make this mistake.
Christmas Wish List 2002 My annual tribute to materialism
Reading Colors Try this little brain teaser: what color are the following two words? RED BLUE

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