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I finally installed the Google Toolbar.  I don't know why I waited so long.  I have also been recently reading some papers about search engines and how their rankings work.  The Toolbar shows what my PageRank is.  It turns out that my web page has a pretty high rank: 5/10.  My friend Dave's site is only 4/10. Biola's web site is 6/10, USC's is 8/10, my church's web site is only 4/10.  And the only roommate of mine who has a web site posted has a PageRank of 0/10.  The only site with a 10/10 ranking that I have found is Google's own home page.

I read an interesting paper (link) about the structure of the Web Graph, which sees every page as a point (node), and every link from one page to another as a line (edge) between points.  It turns out that only 28% of existing pages are in the "core" (SCC, in diagram), where every page can be reached from every other page.  Also, if you pick page A and page B at random, there's only a 24% chance that there will be a series of links from page A to page B.

According to the authors, the web has the following bow-tie like structure:

Figure 9: Connectivity of the web: one can pass from any node of IN through SCC to any node of OUT. Hanging off IN and OUT are TENDRILS containing nodes that are reachable from portions of IN, or that can reach portions of OUT, without passage through SCC. It is possible for a TENDRIL hanging off from IN to be hooked into a TENDRIL leading into OUT, forming a TUBE -- a passage from a portion of IN to a portion of OUT without touching SCC.
[Reference: Graph structure in the web. Andrei Broder, Ravi Kumar, Farzin Maghoul, Prabhakar Raghavan, Sridhar Rajagopalan, Raymie Stata, Andrew Tomkins, Janet Wiener]

The numbers on the graph are old, but the basic structure and the ratios of pages in the different sections are probably still the same.

The following series of links shows that there is a path from Yahoo! to my site, and back again.  Assuming Yahoo! is in the SCC (Strongly Connected Core), then my site is, too.  "Strongly Connected" is a mathematical term that means you can get from any node (web page) in the graph to any other node, by following a series of arcs (web page links).

Path from Yahoo! to My Page   Path from my page back to Yahoo!

By the way, since my page links to and, and they link back, those pages are also part of the 28% in the central core.

Links To/From My Site

It's not too easy to find the list of link to my site. Google's "+link:" feature kind of works.  Also, I found that just searching for the word matthewweathers works, too.  The following are some links to my site.

    (in world01.ppt)
    (PDF Format, 1,066 KB)
  8. Links I've made myself (my school's alumni list, links from other pages, or comments I left on others' web sites).
  9. Links from automatically-generated search results.
  10. Links from people using one of my pictures and giving me credit.

I was especially amused to see that coincidentally, a geography class (#6, above) has a reference to my biggest cities page in their lecture notes. The instructor probably has no idea that I go to USC.

And the link from the MIT site is from a report on inner city passenger transportation in which they used a picture from my site (taken by Brian Pedigo), and reference my site.

Links From My Site

These are less interesting, and much easier to find. As of May/June 2004, there were 244 unique out links.  You can look around my page to see what I link to (or see the list here outlinks-040619.txt).

Some of the links to my page are in other languages, so I have no idea what they're saying.  See my Nov 26, 2003 page. Here's another:

*Speed of Life.* www: USA. California. Los-Angeles., Mon Oct 15 14:44:25 2001
Юра елси тебе всё ещё интересно виды L.A. Я нашел классный сайт: www. Когда загрузится, кликни на Downtown Los-Angeles& Hollywood. Ну а там уже отличные фотки
. from here.

And another one, here, which has a copy of one of my pictures, and starts out like this: Зимние капризы волос и как с ними справляться 23.01.2004, Аргументы и Факты
В холодное время года состояние волос меняется, а посему доставляет многим женщинам массу поводов для волнения. Волосы становятся сухими и ломкими на концах и жирными на корнях. Поэтому давно очевидно, что зимой волосы особенно нуждаются в дополнительном и бережном уходе. Наш консультант - мастер парикмахерских услуг международного класса Александр Романов.
(Anyone want to translate or summarize for me? Write the translation in the comments box, at the bottom of this page.)

For posterity's sake, here's proof, and what my page and my browser look like in May 2004:

And Dave Shackelford's: (

Update Dec 16, 2004: Someone left me a comment today, saying the following:

The default value for Google's Pagerank is 5 and sites that are new are given a rank of 0 until they are reindexed by google.

So your sites don't have a high pagerank, they are normal and below.

I don't know... that may be.  But still, for being a personal web site, I'm happy with it being a rank of 5.  And, as I said above, it's higher than a couple other web sites I'm familiar with, with a rank of 4.  The page ranks I mention in the first paragraph are still the same today, except that USC's web site went up to 9/10.

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