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Here are my recommendations for the upcoming election (November 2, 2004).

For the elected offices (39th Congressional District, 60th State District, i.e. La Mirada, CA)

Office Recommended Candidate Winner
President and Vice President George W. Bush / Richard Cheney Bush
U.S. Senator Bill Jones Boxer
U.S. Representative Tim Escobar Sanchez
Member of the State Assembly Robert "Bob" Huff Huff

For the state ballot measures:

Proposition Recommendation Result
1A - A better 65, local tax to local govt. Yes Victory
59 - Public Records, Open Meetings Yes* Victory
60 - Change Primary Elections No  
60A - Sell State property to pay off debt Yes Victory
61 - Borrow $750 million more debt No  
62 - Change Primary Elections No Victory
63 - Tax the rich $800 million more No*  
64 - Stop frivolous lawsuits Yes* Victory
65 - (Superceded, everyone's saying no) No Victory
66 - Cripple the Three-Strikes Law No!* Victory
67 - Raise taxes $500 million No Victory
68 - Tribal Gambling No* Victory
69 - Allow DNA fingerprinting of criminals Yes* Victory
70 - Tribal Gambling No* Victory
71 - Waste $6 billion on stem cell research No!  
72 - State-controlled health care system No* Victory
County Measure A - add 0.05% to sales tax No Victory

*Governor Arnold has taken a position on 8 of the above measures (59, 63, 64, 66, 68, 69, 70, 72), and his position agrees with my recommendation for all 8 of those measures.

Judicial - Judge of the Superior Court

Office Recommendation Result
Office No. 18 Pat Cambell  
Office No. 29 Gus Gomez Victory
Office No. 52 Laura F. Priver Victory
Office No. 53 David Lopez  
Office No. 69 Judge Levey Meyer  

To see more official results, see the California Secretary of State's web site: http://vote2004.ss.ca.gov/

For national results, CNN has a good site: http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2004/

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