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Fall Schedule 2000 My schedule for the Fall 2000 semester at Biola.

Some day, I have plans to put together a section of this web site about what's around Biola University. Mainly just a reference to retail shops in nearby intersections. Here's my first attempt, with a look at the intersection of Leffingwell & Telegraph.

Directions to Ted Salo's Auto Repair, where I take my car and recommend that other people do, too. Also, the Montebello Bus Line 50 Schedule and Map, for an easy way to get there from Biola.

Just some random pictures around the neighborhood. This page is of minimal value. I thought it might have historical value 50 years from now, just so people can see what the place looked like back in 2000. But the pictures turned out so poorly, that I'm even doubting that. But hey... I made the page, and the internet is a big place. So here's the page anyway.

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