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Update, Jan 2005: I had intentions of updating this section of my web site regularly.  But now that it's 2005, I realize that I haven't been.  And now that blogs are popular, I realize that this section is kind of a blog (but before they were popular).  Like most blogs, there are a few entries, then it not much.

Instead of updating this Current Happenings section of my site, I usually make new pages in the Fun Stuff section.  They're not always specifically dated, but they're the same idea.

Year 2003


July 3, 2003 June Vacations. About my trips to Oregon and Florida.
August 12, 2003 Prices of things
November 22, 2003 What did the MTA Strike cost me?
November 26, 2003 People Say the Strangest Things...

Year 2002 Index

Jan 21, 2002 Trip to Ensenada with Brent & Rob
March 3, 2002 Did My Taxes on Time (First time since 1998)
March 14, 2002
My Place in Life.
March 16, 2002
Driving Directions (Continuation of March 14)
March 29, 2002

My trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin for Ted & Germaine's wedding.

I also spent some time in Chicago.

April 7, 2002
Andy & Kristen gave me a PenCam.

Some sample images

April 16, 2002
My Birthday
June 2, 2002


A weekend trip to San Luis Obispo on Amtrak's
Coast Starlight. I recommend it.
July 4, 2002
  Some of the books I'm reading this summer,
and what I thought about them so far.
Aug 15, 2002
August 1-13, 2002 Vacation
to Washington State
Aug 29, 2002 Picture of a whole iceberg
Dec 13, 2002 A semester in review

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