Downey Lincoln Mercury TV commercial

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Downey Lincoln Mercury TV Commercial

Note (9/29/2002): Recently, several people have arrived at this site looking for info on the Jazz song in the new Lincoln Mercury ad.

It is called "Get A Move On" by Mr. Scruff.

Starring Marty Myers, actress extraordinaire

A man and his wife notice their kids coming to visit

They greet them at the car

Holding the new baby.

Finally, they all go into the house.

Downey Lincoln Mercury:
Where the 5 and 605 Meet at Lakewood Blvd. in Downey
(800) 809-5822

(In the Los Angeles, California area)

The ad is about 5 MB long and lasts 20 seconds

To see the ad, click here: marty_downey_lincoln_mercury.mpg.

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