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Joel's Visit to California

My brother, Joel Weathers, came to visit me in California for a few days in August (5th through 10th), 2000. He brought along his friend Craig Tuggy.

While they were here, they went surfing a with Chloe McCollum, a recent Biola graduate who they knew from high school in Tucson.

Joel also scanned some of his pictures from his trip to Turkey this summer.

Some famous place in Turkey

Iggy and Craig 
Chloe is in charge of taking care of the Biola Science Department's iguana, Iggy. She had always wanted to see what it looks like when it swims in water, and they won't let Iggy in the Biola pool, so she brought him over while Joel and Craig were visiting.

Iggy didn't mind the water, but didn't seem to particularly enjoy it, either. When placed in water, in his typically casual manner, he searched out the nearest edge of the pool, and swam over there and got out. He had no sense of the fun of swimming!

A group pose with Iggy

Chloe, Matthew, and Iggy

Craig only stayed for the weekend, and I had to work during the week, so Joel spent some time scanning a bunch of pictures from his trip to Turkey. He scanned about 80 pictures. Here are some more samples. Eventually, I'll add all 80 in a special section of this web site.


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