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Fall 2000: Visitors to my house

Some of the people who came over for various events at my house

Thursday "E.R." night - Season Premiere

(October 12, 2000)

Brandon Fink & Devon Bayles

Devon's friend Monika, who goes to Point Loma

Kristi Outland

12 Monkeys

During Torrey Conference, Tyson Trautmann and Ben Wright brought over a bunch of guys from their floor to watch 12 Monkeys on DVD (October 18, 2000):


My roommate Dale Fincher, behind the couch.
Tim Beardshear (left) & Greg Hickle (right)

Tim Wilson

This picture doesn't really belong on this page, but I don't really have a better place for it now:

Ed Thurber, Marty Myers, Walt Stangl, and a student. In the Math/Computer Science department.

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