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Last Pool Party of the Season

September 26, 2000

This summer was really hot. Especially August. But by the time September came, it wasn't very warm anymore. I decided to have one last pool party before the season ended.  Here are some pictures.

I invited people who were in my Biola classes to come.  We swam in the pool and watched a movie afterwards.

Katie Coffin and Erica

Brian Boyd, John Dunstan

Erik Habbestad
Two pictures of Mark S.
Christopher Warrington demonstrates the slide, and jumps off the roof:
Watch the 2.2MB MPG of the above: chris_sliding.mpg.

Jumping off the roof:

Watch the 5.2MB MPG of the above: chris_jumping_from_roof.mpg.

"That wasn't so bad!"

Afterwards, a few of us watched Unstrung Heroes. It was average, in my opinion.

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