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NEWS: I changed jobs!

As of August 2, 1999, I now work for IRSC in Fullerton rather than Irvine Compiler in Irvine.
I used to work here:

34 Executive Park Suite 270
Irvine, CA 92614
Now I work here:

3777 North Harbor
Fullerton, CA 92835

What happened? On July 15, I had my "annual" employee review at ICC (Irvine Compiler Corp.). It's a meeting between two supervisors and an employee. Usually, we review the year and talk about changes for the future. Usually, the employee gets a raise. This time, in that meeting, we talked a little about the past year, then when we got to the question about what changes I would like to see in my job, I said "I quit". It happened to be Ed Thurber's 32nd birthday that day, so I might as well have said "Happy Birthday, I quit".

They asked me why I quit, and I gave them several reasons:

Here is a chart of differences between my new job and my old job:
Before After
Name: Irvine Compiler Corporation (ICC) Information Resource Service Center (IRSC)
Description: Writes Ada compilers, mainly for the defense industry. Gathers and resells personal information (credit reports, court record, public information). Clients include Human Resource departments and private investigators
Distance: 25 miles, about 40 minutes each way 4.5 miles, about 12 minutes
My Job: Quality Assurance department, writing programs in Perl to do automatic testing. Reducing and reporting bugs. Webmaster. IT (Information Technology) Department. Writing programs in Visual Basic for an eventual web interface for IRSC's products.
  • Free pizza every Thursday at lunch
  • Work with highly knowledgeable experts in the industry
  • Free coke, snacks, candy
  • I got paid money to work there
  • They let me teach at Biola as a side job
  • I had 15 days available to use
  • I had a health plan
  • Two weeks off for Christmas and New Year's
  • They let me host my web page there for several years
  • Get to work with state-of-the-art database tools
  • Work with more people my own age.
  • Raquetball at lunch
  • I get paid more money than the other place. See how much money I now make.
  • I haven't been on the 5 freeway all month.
  • They let me teach at Biola as a side job - and Biola's only 12 minutes away.
  • I have to work 90 days before starting to earn vacation at 0.6 days per month.
  • I have to wait 90 days before I'm covered by a health plan
  • Christmas and New Year's off

So those are some reasons I changed jobs. I really like my new job so far, I'm learning a lot of new things, and I like the people I work with. I liked my old job, too (just not as much), and I'll miss the people that work there.

PS -- the "32nd birthday" above was a joke.

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