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Movie Zip Codes

Regal La Habra 90631 Yahoo! 90631
Brea Birch Street 92821 Yahoo! 92821
Buena Park Krikorian 90620 Yahoo! 92620
AMC Puente Hills Mall 91748 Yahoo! 91748
Uptown Whittier 90602 Yahoo! 90602
AMC Norwalk 20,
Norwalk Super Saver
90650 Yahoo! 90650
The Block,
Downtown Disney
92868 Yahoo! 92868
Irvine Spectrum 92618 Yahoo! 92618
Fascist Island 92660 Yahoo! 92660
Downtown Hollywood 90028 Yahoo! 90028
Universal City 91608 Yahoo! 91608
Pasadena, near Joel 91104 Yahoo! 91104

I remember the days when you would buy a newspaper just for the Calendar section to look up movie times for local theaters.  You would have to page through, looking for the ad from the nearby theaters, trying to remember if it was an Edward theater, or Regal, etc.  Then, if there were a specific movie you wanted to watch, you would have to find the ad for that movie, then see where it's playing, then find the ad for that theater, then look up the times, or call the theater.  Of course, trying to call the theater was a hopeless task, as the number was perpetually busy.

Well, those days are long gone.  Now, all you have to do is go to and type in your ZIP code.  It's a great convenience.

However, the one minor inconvenience is still the fact that this shows you the closest theaters to your home, and sometimes, there are specific places you typically go to see movies that may be farther away (but fast to get to on the freeway, or whatever). Anyway, I've made a list of places I typically want to go to see a movie, along with the ZIP code so I can look it up quickly.  The links above work as of this writing (December 2002), but probably won't work forever.  They're just links to the Yahoo! site, with the ZIP code filled in already.

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