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Tuesday morning, Andrew made omlettes in a bag. Rick's was especially large. Here are the before and after pictures.

rick before

rick after

We dropped off Brent at a coffee shop (to work on a project due that week), and the rest of us headed toward Andrews Glacier.

matthew adam

It sprinkled a little bit during lunch on the way up. But in general, we had really great weather the whole week.

hike lunch

lake mountain


The valley below Andrews Glacier. The last part of the hike was almost straight up rocks.

glacial valley

At the end. My GPS read 11,360 feet in elevation.

top glacier

Some wildlife we saw along the way:




After the hike, we went to Estes Park to take showers (at the laundromat in the Safeway 457 E Wonder View Ave; $5 for showers), then went back to our camp site for dinner.

group at campsite

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