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At the beginning of August 2009, five of us went camping in the Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park for a couple of days. The five of us lived in the same house in La Mirada, California from September 2003 to July 2005. Adam and Matthew still live there. Rick and his wife live in Santa Barbara, Andrew and his wife live in Minneapolis, and Brent lives in Knoxville.

Group Hike
Andrew, Rick, Matthew, Brent, Adam

The four of us (minus Andrew) met in La Mirada and drove two days to Denver. We met Andrew, then spent three nights camping. After that, we dropped off Andrew at the airport and drove two days back to La Mirada:

Trip Calendar Aug 2009

Here are some pictures of each part of our trip:

Page 1 - July 31-Aug 1, Road trip from La Mirada to Denver, spent the night in Zion National Park
Page 2 - Aug 2-3, Camping in Rockies; hike to Emerald Lake
Page 3 - Aug 4, Camping in Rockies; hike to Andrews Glacier
Page 4 - Aug 5, Driving Trail Ridge Road in the Rockies
Page 5 - Aug 5, Casa Bonita in Denver; Lakewood, CO
Page 6 - Aug 6-7, Road trip back to La Mirada; Grand Canyon

Here's a map of the route we took

Trip Map

Farthest North: Alpine Visitors Center in Rocky Mountain National Park (Google Map Link)
Farthest East: Denver International Airport (Google Map Link)
Farthest South: our driveway in La Mirada
Farthest West: our driveway in La Mirada

For archive: this page before our trip.

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