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Sunday afternoon, we picked up Andrew, headed up the mountain, and set up our camp site - where we stayed for three nights. We stayed at Moraine Park Campground, at site #66. Next time, we'll try site #141.


A little river a little south of the campground:


The next morning, we got up, made breakfast, and headed out for our first hike.

camp andrew

We took the shuttle bus to Bear Lake trailhead, then hiked to Emerald Lake:

Bear Lake Map

tram ride

group hike



emerald lake

group lunch rocks

The altitude of the lake was listed at 10,080 feet.

colorado columbine flower
Colorado Columbine flower

After the hike, we went to Starbucks in Estes Park and played a game Rick introduced us to: "Dominion." It was a lot of fun. We played it several times on the trip. After that first hike, Brent and Matthew felt really sick for a couple hours. We think it might have been altitude sickness.

playing game

campsite moon

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