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Livingroom Floor, Part 2 - Stain & Finish

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After we put the "Gunstock" wood stain on, we were amazed at the results:

entry 1

Next, we put one coat of floor finish (Varathane brand, "Clear Satin"). It was $50/gallon.
It looked even better with the finish on it:

entry 2
The old stains are barely visible, and only if you're looking for them.

matthew painting finish

We waited a couple hours, went to It's a Grind Coffee shop to hang out with our friends Rick & Jennifer, then went to dinner at Wendy's, waiting for the first coat to dry. Then we sanded the whole floor again. By hand:

brent hand sanding

adam hand sanding

We swept really well, then wiped down the floor with wet rags, to get all the dust:

matthew wiping floor

Then we added a second coat of floor finish.

Joel and Amanda
Joel and Amanda are getting married in two months, so Joel
is moving out soon, but he helped a lot anyway. Thanks, Joel.

We were planning on being done with the floor at that point, and we let it dry overnight. But the next day, we decided to put on a third coat of floor finish, to make it look professional. Also, we needed to replace the baseboards on part of the walls.

See Part 3 for what we did next.

[Part 1 - Sanding] [Part 2 - Stain & Finish] [Part 3 - Baseboards] [Part 4 - Done!]


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