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Ohio Trip - July 4th BBQ

The six of us from California had never been to Ohio before. Here are some of the things we saw while traveling to and through Ohio. The first thing we all noticed was how green it was, compared to Southern California (although I hear that's only true for a few months of the year).

Flight Views
Somewhere in the desert Southwest vs. somewhere near Cleveland

Adam, Brent, and I flew Midwest Airlines (MidwestAirlines.com), and ended up with three flights. Adam and I didn't mind too much, because we like flying. We thought we might be able to see some of Kansas City & Milwaukee on our lengthy layovers, but we didn't do much except walk around outside the terminal buildings some.

Flight Map

We got to fly on three different small planes, which was kind of fun. Adam was especially excited about the little prop plane we flew; it was the first time he'd ever been on a prop plane.

Aircraft Beech 1900D

Midwest Jets
Beech 1900D turboprop, Fairchild 328JET, Canadair regoinal jet. (I think.)

Aircraft Details

Onboard aircraft

On one of the flights, there were only 5 passengers - the three of us, plus a mom and her small child.

Arriving Cleveland
Arriving in Cleveland Airport (link). We were surprised to see a completely empty terminal (it was about 10pm). Not like LAX.

We stayed in a Days Inn in Brook Park, by the airport. It turns out it was kind of a sketchy part of town, which we didn't know when I make the reservation on the internet. But hey, it was cheap. That first night, we went out to Bob's Big Boy, since it was the only thing that was open still.

Bobs Big Boy

Brent Jene

Matthew Adam at Bobs

Adam at Bob's

Green Fields

Ohio Green

Again, we were impressed by how green it was everywhere.

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