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Ohio Trip - July 4th BBQ

Wednesday, we went shopping for a wedding gift in the Cleveland area, visited downtown briefly, then drove down to Perrysville to meet up with Andrew and his in-laws for a July 4th BBQ at their house. This is also when we got to meet Jill's family, and see Andrew's family again.

Jill Matt Andrew

Playing Cornhole
Playing Cornhole. Adam & Jene; Ruby & Brian (Andrew's mom & brother)

Food at BBQ
Jill; Jen making a Pudgy Pie

Making Pudgy Pie

Cooking Pudgy Pie

Rick Explaining
Rick is explaining something.

Two Dads
The two dads: Mark & Jim

After the BBQ, we drove a few minutes to the town of Loudonville, to find a spot to watch the fireworks. It was raining off and on most of the time, but it let up enough for us to get out of the cars and watch the fireworks.

Fireworks in Rain

We don't have fireflies in Southern California, and when it started getting dark, we were surprised to see so many. Here are two of Adam's videos, posted on YouTube.

Adam and Rick try to get a firefly to glow

Adam chases a firefly, trying to capture its glow on video.

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