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Journey up the Coast, July 2005 - Page 3

Trail to the John Muir lookout.

Highway 1 north of San Francisco, was the slowest, most windy part of the road:

There were many wildflowers along the road the whole trip.

Around Leggett, California, Highway 1 takes a turn inland, around the mountains of the King Range.  The remoteness of this region, with few roads, and no road along the coast, has lead to it being called the Lost Coast.  We went through Redway to Shelter Cove, and spend the second night at a hotel right on the ocean:

On the way to Shelter Cove

Sunset from the balcony of our hotel room

Sunrise at Shelter Cove

We went through the Redwood National Park which is along the coast, at the north end of California:

Along the southern coast of Oregon

At Pacific City, Oregon, one of the last places along the coast before we headed inland towards Portland


Along the coast of Oregon, we saw
a lot of bridges over the rivers.

And finally, we saw this bridge:

Bridge over Sunset Highway in Hillsboro, at the exit to Justin's home.

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