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GHFC Winter Camp - February 1998 (Big Bear Tennis Ranch)

The Granada Heights Friends Church High School group in Big Bear on the annual Winter Retreat.
Title Description Size Contents
Page A Playing ping-pong, pool, etc. 9 pictures, 104K Andrew Squire, Nathan Endemano, Bethany Bletterman, Becky Langenwalter, Debbie Smith, Pauline Hill, Luke Bletterman, Danielle Stewart, Niki Antisdel, Chris Sterry, Adam Fattorini, Robert Kurz
Page B Hanging out 9 pictures, 98K Andrew Squire, Bethany Bletterman, Faith Bletterman, Jodie Plubell, Kristy Marhad, Felice Martinez, Tim Curran, Dan Hertzler
Fun More Hanging Out 13 pictures, 162K Adam Wolven, Rob Ramirez, Tim Halvarson, Monica Coonis, Chris Sterry, Robert Kurz, Niki Antisdel, Danielle Stewart, Scott Emrick, Erik Malone, Jared Frawley, Chris Emrick, Josh Elwood, Dane Horak
People People 20 pictures, 213K Alicia McKenzie, Bethany Bletterman and Kristy Marhad, Chris Sterry, Cristy Smith and Jane-Alice Murray, Danielle Stewart., Faith Bletterman and Jodie Plubell, Frank Luna, Hans Bletterman,John Blake,Kevin Hill,Luke Bletterman, Mike DeVito, our speaker for the weekend, Hans' sister, Steve Fattorini, Kristy Carvin, Whitney Robinson
Singing Singing 13 pictures, 202K The band, Singing, Mike Devito talking to the guys, Signing hearts, Praying
Snow Playing in the Snow 9 pictures, 115K Jared Frawley and Andrew Squire, Chris Sterry making sure Kristy Marhad, Whitney Robinson, Niki Antisdel, Liz Langenwalter, Danielle Stewart, Pauline Hill, Dane Horak, Tim Halvarson, Faith Bletterman
Talent Show Page 1 Fun 25 pictures, 319K The Spice Girls. Liz Langenwalter, Whitney Robinson, Kristy Carvin, The Spice Guys, Chris Sterry, Jane-Alice Murray, "Delayed Reaction", Jared Frawley and Dan Hertzler., Dancing to "Titanic" music
Talent Show Page 2 Serious 26 pictures, 236K Alicia McKenzie, John Blake, Ken Carlson, Sarah Sovilla, Sarah Christie, Steve Fattorini, Laura Lawson, Cristy Smith, Sarah Christie, Kristen Anderson, Adam Wolven, Todd Miller, Kristy Marhad
Pictures from Kevin Hill Page 1 Close-ups 15 pictures, 139K Cristy Smith, Sarah Christie, Michelle Rotter, Josh Morrison, Adam Wolven, Jane-Alice Murray, Chris Emrick, Kevin Hill, Kristy Carvin, Sarah Christie, Erin Chartier, Mike Devito, Elena Sheatz, Tim Halvarson, Steve Fattorini
Pictures from Kevin Hill Page 2 More Close-Ups 15 pictures, 148K Shawn Hill, Whitney Robinson, Niki Antisdel, Kristy Carvin, Steve Fattorini, Josh Elwood, Sarah Christie, Jared Frawley, Chris Emrick, Kevin Hill, Josh Morrison, Dan Hertzler, Michelle Rotter, Dane Horak, Cristy Smith, Todd Miller, Kristy Marhad
Pictures from Kevin Hill Page 3 More Close-Ups 16 pictures, 125K Dan Hertzler, Kevin Hill and Michelle Rotter, Dane Horak, Chris Sterry, Robert Kurz, Bethany Bletterman, Jared Frawley, Josh Elwood, Tim Halvarson, Felice Martinez, Jodie Plubell, Hans Bletterman, Luke Bletterman, Danielle Stewart, Jane-Alice Murray, Niki Antisdel, Todd Miller
Pictures from Kevin Hill Page 4 Misc 12 pictures, 105K Dan Hertzler and Adam Fattorini making the bed, The Praise Band. Jane-Alice Murray, Cristy Smith, Dane Horak, Todd Miller, keyboard, Dan Hertzler, drums, Talent Show: Danielle Stewart & Kristy Carvin, Monica Coonis & Bethany Bletterman, Hans Bletterman, Sarah Christie.
Pictures from Kevin Hill Page 5 Group Pictures 11 pictures, 159K Amy Hammer, Eric Hoffman, Niki Antisdel, Josh Elwood, Whitney Robinson, Steve Fattorini, Elena Sheatz, Jared Frawley, Michelle Rotter, Kevin Hill, Cristy Smith and Jane-Alice Murray, Todd Miller, Group that went Skiing, Monica Coonis, Kevin Hill, Jared Frawley, Eric Hoffman

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