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Old Index (Retired January 1999)

This is the master index for my picture album. There are 1000 pictures in this album. I attempted to list everyone who appears in my picture album in this index. If I got any names wrong, please send me a comment at the bottom of the page.

If you arrived here from a search engine, it may be that I have a picture of someone you searched for. Just look through the list below.

As of 1998, there were four major sections to my album:

  • My pictures
  • Pictures from Granada Heights Friends Church youth group
  • Pictures GHFC high school Winter Camp, February 1998
  • Pictures from the Whittier Christian High School Video Album 1996-1997
  • Miscellaneous: various scrapbook pictures & family photos
  • My pictures

    Title Description Size Date Contents
    Naomi, Fall 1998 My niece Naomi 8 pictures, 152K October 1998 David, Lisa, Naomi
    Grandma's Birthday Grandma Fern Smith turns 94 22 pictures, 185K September 1997 Fern Smith, Mark Weathers, Esther Weathers, Jim Tinley, Patti Tinley, Arliva Smith, Phil Smith, Carroll Smith, Bonnie Smith, Lucielle
    Candy Party The "I got my braces off" Candy party 16 pictures, 260K September 14, 1998 Isaac Rodriguez, Robbie Olden, Jared Frawley, Andy Weathers, Eric Oldenburg, Lois Thorpe, Jim Haendiges, Justin Peters, Maegan Stevens, Catherine Edler, Kristen Weathers, Richard Kowalski, Adam Wolven
    Michigan in August Andy and Kristen visiting Michigan 8 pictures, 82K August 1998 Andy and Kristen visiting David and Lisa in Michigan. Andy Weathers, Kristen Weathers, David, Lisa, Naomi
    Monday Night Monday night at my house 10 pictures, 165K February 1998 Kevin Christy, Richard Kowalski, Robbie Olden, Justin Peters, Maegan Stevens, Jimmy Haendiges, Matthew Weathers, Chris Pinzon, Brent McGuyre Ariana Shackelford, Erin Cox, Lisa Fisher, Cristy Smith, Dorothy Alston, Dane Horak, Erin Cox
    Subway Subway trip to downtown 5 pictures, 126K Spring 1998 Tomie Watanabe, Erin Cox, Junko Koizumi, Lisa Fisher, Chris Sterry, Maegan Stevens
    Naomi 1 My niece Naomi Page 1 6 pictures, 72K May 1998 Naomi
    Naomi 2 My niece Naomi Page 2 7 pictures, 104K June 1998 Naomi at 1 month. Lisa, David.
    Leaving Going to Mexico 7 pictures, 122K Fall 1997 Mark Weathers, Esther Weathers, Joel Weathers
    Isaac Isaac, Andre, and Richard 7 pictures, 87K Sept 1997 Richard Kowalski, Isaac Rodriguez, Andre
    TV Fun Fun with Snappy 15 pictures, 94K 1997, 1998 Andrew Squire, Kevin Hill, Tim Halvarson, Dane Horak, Adam Wolven, Mike LeDieff, Chris Sterry, Dan Hertzler, Jared Frawley, Rob Ramirez, Chris Emrick, Isaac Rodriguez
    TV Fun 2 Fun with Snappy 2 11 pictures, 71K 1997, 1998 Rob Ramirez & Alicia Sliverstone, Jared Frawley
    TV Fun 3 Fun with Snappy 3 8 pictures, 62K 1997, 1998 David, Dane Horak, Andrew Squire, Kevin Hill
    February 1998 Wednesday night at my house 15 pictures, 70K February 1998 Wednesday, Feb 12, 1998, at my house. Andrew Squire, Kevin Hill, Elena Sheatz, Liz Langenwalter, Danielle Stewart, Josh Elwood, Dane Horak, Kristy Marhad, Tiffany Bailey, Tim Halvarson
    March 1997 Some random spring 97 pictures. 5 pictures, 43K March 1997 Paying off my school loan, Heaven's Gate pictures, Justin's 18th birthday
    Dave and Amy Vivona's Wedding. January 4, 1997 22 pictures, 212K Februay 1997 Dave Vivona, Amy Vivona, Marsh Schrieber, Carl Schrieber, Gaelan Stone
    Pictures of me Some old, some new 6 pictures, 99K July 1995
    Where I live and work. My apartment, cars, and work 9 pictures, 113K December 1996 Eric Oldenburg
    Friends page 3 Biola Friends 12 pictures, 121K July 1995 Dale Lee, John Saxton, Mark Fordice, Mike McKinley, Ted Haenggi, Jeremy Dodgen, Erik Brommers, Susy Brommers, Andy Blackwell, Daphne Leon, Billy Brown, Walt Stangl, Laurel Rynd, Ed Thurber, Rob Seitz, Dan Tucker, Julia Tucker, Christy Aden, Annabeth Cargill, Victor Ho, Steve Hendricks
    Grand Canyon Family Camping trip in June 1995 3 pictures, 107K December 1996 Ty Mussack, Jason Tompkins, Jorie DeJong, Stacey Vroom

    Granada Heights High School Group Pictures

    Pictures from my church's youth group, 1995-1998.

    Title Description Size Date Contents
    Prom & Formal Prom and Formal Pictures from Kevin Hill 14 pictures, 268K Spring 1997 Danielle Stewart, Michelle Roetter, Kevin Hill, Cristy Smith, Sarah Christie, Steve Fattorini, Jared Frawley, David Christie, Rachel Purcell, Eric Hoffman
    Mexicali Mexicali Trip April 1997 13 pictures, 155K April 1997 Rob Ramirez, Nick Piscitelli, Dane Horak, Cristy Smith, Lisa Fisher, Chris Pinzon Kevin Christy, Miguel Cintron, Jodie Plubell, Hans Bletterman, Chris Emrick
    Other Spring 1997 Easter, etc. 2 pictures, 25K April 1997 Hans Bletterman, Dan Hertzler, Lisa Fisher, Chris Pinzon, Cristy Smith, Adam Wolven, Jane-Alice Murray, Tim Curran, Jennifer Sellars, Robbie Olden, Steve Fattorini
    Winter Camp 1997 Big Bear Tennis Ranch 19 pictures, 86K March 1997 Brent McGuyre, Kelli Kreitzer, Julie Yancy, Susan Dukes, Ken Carlson Rob Ramirez, Elena Sheatz, Jared Frawley, Michelle Rotter, Kevin Hill, Luke Bletterman, Tiffany Bailey, Becka Redmond, Will Slattery, Chason Smith, Richard Kowalski, Monica Coonis, Chris Pinzon, Lisa Fisher, Chris Emrick, Steve Fattorini, Eric Hoffman, Luke Bletterman, Ken Carlson, Michelle Rotter, Kevin Hill Amy Hammer, Nikki Antisdel, Whitney Robinson
    Sunday School 1997 Sunday morning at South Campus 10 pictures, 133K March 1997 Cristy Smith, Jane-Alice Murray, Lisa Fisher, Amy Hammer, Monica Coonis, Rachel Purcell, Jamie Plubell, Becka Redmond, Dave Hammer, Ken Carlson, Rob Ramirez, Chris Emrick, Tawney, Jonalyn Taylor, Chris Pinzon, Frank Luna, Hans Bletterman, Dan Hertzler, Tim Halvarson, Kelli Kreitzer, Kristen Kreitzer, Rachel Mizell, Katie MacDonald, Morgan Morris, Adam Wolven, Erin Cox, Maegan Stevens, Lisa Bostrom, Nick Piscitelli
    New Year's Party 1997. Rose Parade in Pasadena 6 pictures, 116K January 1997 Cristy Smith, Tawney, Lisa Fisher, Jodie Plubell, Maegan Stevens, Hans Bletterman
    Trip to Central L.A. October 1996 11 pictures, 153K January 1997 Danielle Stewart, Jodie Plubell, Stephanie Chan, Lisa Fisher, Tawney, Pat Jung, Justin Peters, Steve Fattorini, Cristy Smith, Maegan Stevens, Lisa Bostrom, Tiffany Bailey
    School pictures. Formals, Yearbook pictures, etc. 5 pictures, 67K January 1997 Justin Peters, Nick Harrison, Maegan Stevens, Lisa Fisher
    At my apartment Good-bye party for Josh Elwood; Housewarming 10 pictures, 118K December 1996 Josh, Justin Peters, Jimmy Haendiges, Brent McGuyre, Chris Pinzon, Robbie Olden, Nick Harrison, Ben Evenstad, Will Slattery, Claude Kroupa, Jeff Silzer, Steve Neal, Elena Sheatz, Jared Frawley, Steve Fattorini
    Halloween 1996 6 pictures, 71K December 1996 Jim, Ben, Robbie, Maegan, Justin, Chris Emrick
    Friends page 1 Friends from church 7 pictures, 73K July 1995 Robbie Olden, Danielle Smith, Jonalynn Taylor, Gretchen Cox, Anna Purcell, Kim Martin, Randy Olden, "Red Hour", Feliz Martinez, Shaun Hill, Steve Childs
    Friends page 2 Friends from church 6 pictures, 124K December 1996 Justin Peters, Jodie Plubell, Josh Elwood, Will Slattery, Richard Kowalski, Shackelford wedding, Dennis & Tonia Levens

    GHFC Winter Camp - February 1998 (Big Bear Tennis Ranch)

    Title Description Size Contents
    Page A Playing ping-pong, pool, etc. 9 pictures, 104K Andrew Squire, Nathan Endemano, Bethany Bletterman, Becky Langenwalter, Debbie Smith, Pauline Hill, Luke Bletterman, Danielle Stewart, Niki Antisdel, Chris Sterry, Adam Fattorini, Robert Kurz
    Page B Hanging out 9 pictures, 98K Andrew Squire, Bethany Bletterman, Faith Bletterman, Jodie Plubell, Kristy Marhad, Felice Martinez, Tim Curran, Dan Hertzler
    Fun More Hanging Out 13 pictures, 162K Adam Wolven, Rob Ramirez, Tim Halvarson, Monica Coonis, Chris Sterry, Robert Kurz, Niki Antisdel, Danielle Stewart, Scott Emrick, Erik Malone, Jared Frawley, Chris Emrick, Josh Elwood, Dane Horak
    People People 20 pictures, 213K Alicia McKenzie, Bethany Bletterman and Kristy Marhad, Chris Sterry, Cristy Smith and Jane-Alice Murray, Danielle Stewart., Faith Bletterman and Jodie Plubell, Frank Luna, Hans Bletterman,John Blake,Kevin Hill,Luke Bletterman, Mike DeVito, our speaker for the weekend, Hans' sister, Steve Fattorini, Kristy Carvin, Whitney Robinson
    Singing Singing 13 pictures, 202K The band, Singing, Mike Devito talking to the guys, Signing hearts, Praying
    Snow Playing in the Snow 9 pictures, 115K Jared Frawley and Andrew Squire, Chris Sterry making sure Kristy Marhad, Whitney Robinson, Niki Antisdel, Liz Langenwalter, Danielle Stewart, Pauline Hill, Dane Horak, Tim Halvarson, Faith Bletterman
    Talent Show Page 1 Fun 25 pictures, 319K The Spice Girls. Liz Langenwalter, Whitney Robinson, Kristy Carvin, The Spice Guys, Chris Sterry, Jane-Alice Murray, "Delayed Reaction", Jared Frawley and Dan Hertzler., Dancing to "Titanic" music
    Talent Show Page 2 Serious 26 pictures, 236K Alicia McKenzie, John Blake, Ken Carlson, Sarah Sovilla, Sarah Christie, Steve Fattorini, Laura Lawson, Cristy Smith, Sarah Christie, Kristen Anderson, Adam Wolven, Todd Miller, Kristy Marhad
    Pictures from Kevin Hill Page 1 Close-ups 15 pictures, 139K Cristy Smith, Sarah Christie, Michelle Rotter, Josh Morrison, Adam Wolven, Jane-Alice Murray, Chris Emrick, Kevin Hill, Kristy Carvin, Sarah Christie, Erin Chartier, Mike Devito, Elena Sheatz, Tim Halvarson, Steve Fattorini
    Pictures from Kevin Hill Page 2 More Close-Ups 15 pictures, 148K Shawn Hill, Whitney Robinson, Niki Antisdel, Kristy Carvin, Steve Fattorini, Josh Elwood, Sarah Christie, Jared Frawley, Chris Emrick, Kevin Hill, Josh Morrison, Dan Hertzler, Michelle Rotter, Dane Horak, Cristy Smith, Todd Miller, Kristy Marhad
    Pictures from Kevin Hill Page 3 More Close-Ups 16 pictures, 125K Dan Hertzler, Kevin Hill and Michelle Rotter, Dane Horak, Chris Sterry, Robert Kurz, Bethany Bletterman, Jared Frawley, Josh Elwood, Tim Halvarson, Felice Martinez, Jodie Plubell, Hans Bletterman, Luke Bletterman, Danielle Stewart, Jane-Alice Murray, Niki Antisdel, Todd Miller
    Pictures from Kevin Hill Page 4 Misc 12 pictures, 105K Dan Hertzler and Adam Fattorini making the bed, The Praise Band. Jane-Alice Murray, Cristy Smith, Dane Horak, Todd Miller, keyboard, Dan Hertzler, drums, Talent Show: Danielle Stewart & Kristy Carvin, Monica Coonis & Bethany Bletterman, Hans Bletterman, Sarah Christie.
    Pictures from Kevin Hill Page 5 Group Pictures 11 pictures, 159K Amy Hammer, Eric Hoffman, Niki Antisdel, Josh Elwood, Whitney Robinson, Steve Fattorini, Elena Sheatz, Jared Frawley, Michelle Rotter, Kevin Hill, Cristy Smith and Jane-Alice Murray, Todd Miller, Group that went Skiing, Monica Coonis, Kevin Hill, Jared Frawley, Eric Hoffman

    Pictures from the 1996-97 WCHS Video Annual

    Most of these pictures are of people I know from Granada Heights Friends Church (
    Title Description Size Contents
    Sports 1 Tennis, Cross Country, Basketball 13 pictures, 113K Amy Hammer, Molly Dunagan, Stephanie Chan, Summer Mosley, Brent McGuyre, Jimmy Haendiges, Nick Harrison, Mike Lord, Sarah Christie, Chris Mora, Nathan Endemano
    Chapel/Grad Chapel & Graduation 1997 6 pictures, 81K Nick Harrison, Gary Pate, Alisa Bloom, Peter Lawrence, Jodie Plubell, Justin Peters, Joe Perla, Ben Evenstad
    Spirit Week Spirit Week 1997 8 pictures, 100K Anna Purcell, Jodie Plubell, Nick Harrison, Ben Evenstad, Isaac Rodriguez, Justin Peters, Nathan Endemano, Mike Kang, J.C. Santana, Jimmy Mueller, Brooke Butler
    Homecoming Homecoming and Winterfest Spring 1997 10 pictures, 116K Anna Purcell, Wayne Purcell, Jodie Swanstrom, Don Swanstrom, Tanya Mironowski, Brent McGuyre, Laurie McGuyre, Nick Harrison
    Sports 2 Volleyball 17 pictures, 115K Brent McGuyre, Isaac Rodriguez, Nick Harrison, Jimmy Mueller

    I also have several pages that serve as a holding area for miscellaneous pictures I use elsewhere on this site, (e.g. in the family pages and "fun stuff" pages), or not yet sorted. So they are kind of unorganized, but here are the links anyway.
    family01 Carroll Smith family 7 pictures, 126K Killough family, Tinley family. Carroll Smith, Bonnie Smith, Jeff Killough, Kari Killough.
    family02 Misc. Extended family 3 pictures, 109K Fern Smith, Mom and her siblings, Dad and his siblings.
    Phil Smith Family Phil Smith Family 12 files, 131K Phil Smith, Arliva Smith, Tim Zibell, Denise Zibell, Paul Ware, Diane Ware, Dudley Smith, Fern Smith, Bob Smith, Lucielle Smith
    family03 Morgan family 5 pictures, 146K Roger Morgan, Lois Morgan and family.
    family04 Misc. immediate family 7 pictures, 161K Family portraits, Dave Peters, Sheri Peters.
    family05 Misc. Weathers family pictures 5 pictures, 154K Raley, Gregory, Dale Weathers family
    familydl Misc. Dave and Lisa 4 pictures, 50K David, Lisa
    familyak Misc. Andy and Kristen 3 pictures, 68K Andy Weathers, Kristen Weathers
    Old Pictures Smith Family Ancient Photos (From Phil and Arliva's house) 14 pictures, 121K No Captions yet.
    Old Pictures 1/3 From Family Reunion 19 pictures, 157K William and Annie Smith, no captions
    Old Pictures 2/3 From Family Reunion 18 pictures, 195K William and Annie Smith, no captions
    Old Pictures 3/3 From Family Reunion 21 pictures, 258K William and Annie Smith, no captions
    trips Vacation to Canada, Portland 6 pictures, 93K Trip to Toronto, August 1997, Portland, Aug 1998
    Gregory Family John and Tara's wedding 5 pictures, 59K July 1997. John Gregory, Tara Gregory, Jolene Gregory, Rachel Gregory, Michael Gregory, Jan Gregory

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