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June 12, 2010 - Introduction

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I'm realizing that my web page is pretty out of date, and I'm thinking of making some major changes. The basic structure and look & feel of my page has not changed in many years. However, before I go make a bunch of changes, I've decided make some archives of what my page is like, just for the sake of my own historical interest.

First a bit of history: I registered in January 17, 1999. I had a personal web page for a year or two before that, hosted by Biola University, I believe. I don't know when that started. Courtesy of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, which started archiving my page in April 2000, I've reconstructed what my home page looked like 10 and 5 years ago: Home Page in March 2000 - archive image and commentary Home Page in January 2005 - archive image and commentary

And today, in 2010, my web page is largely the same. I experimented some with dated entries (the "Current Happenings" section), but that was hard to maintain. Then blogs became popular and in July 2006, I started a blog at Since then I've been posting less and less on my main web page, since writing a blog entry is so much easier. In fact, I see that the main picture there now is more than 10 months old. The blog design has pretty much stayed the same since I started it, in an attempt to make it look somewhat similar to the rest of my web pages. Here are some archives from earlier today: Home Page in March 2010 - archive images and commentary in June 2010 - archive image and commentary
Old "More Links" Page - archived page

As of today, I'm removing a couple older elements on my main home page - mainly outdated links. Eventually, I would like to redesign it. I'm not sure how yet. I'm still using HTML tables to format the page! I should use CSS.

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