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June 12, 2010 - March 2010 Archive

This could also be called the "June 2010" archive, since nothing has changed on my page since March. Looking at my current page in context of the past ten years, I notice that it's gotten a lot bigger. Since almost everyone has broadband internet these days, and larger screens, my page had become a lot wider, with bigger pictures on it. Also, most of the time I put content elsewhere. It's easier to upload pictures to Facebook. (You can see I haven't made a "Picture Index" since 2007). It's easier to write a quick blog entry that to create another web page here. But I think there's still value in having a traditional web page. It's still a good venue for posting larger content, with several sections (like this archive, for example). Those kinds of things don't fit well on a blog. Still, I'll probably write a blog entry linking to this archive.

Some of the things links I'm taking off after today: Links to Google (who doesn't know how to get there), MapQuest (I haven't used it in years), Amazon (I use it, but don't need a link on my personal page), my friend Dave's Blog (not updated in a couple years). And the "More Links" hadn't been updated in years. I'm keeping that page around, for the sake of archive, here's a link.

The 2010 archive image is too large to put here in its entirety, so here's what the top page looks like, plus a zoomed out version of the whole page, followed by links to the full version:

March 2010

March 2010 small

Full Image: Part 1, Part 2

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