Minneapolis December 2008

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Minneapolis Trip - Page 4

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Next, we took the light rail downtown. Heather got off and Dan joined us at the station near their house.

Train - Matthew & Brent

Train - Andrew & Dan

The first place we saw downtown was the Guthrie Theater.

Guthrie outside

Guthrie - Dan
Dan is pointing out the view towards downtown.

Guthrie - view of downtown
Downtown Minneapolis from the Guthrie Theater.

Guthrie - river
The Mississippi River from the Guthrie Theater.

Guthrie elevator

Adam Selfpic

Guthrie escalator

Guthrie mirrors
There are windows with mirrors in the Guthrie Theater.


Downtown fountain
The IDS building (ids-center.com), downtown. This is looking up at the roof, and the top of a fountain.

150-year-old Westminster Presbyterian Church (ewestminster.org/)

Bookstore - Dan

Bookstore - Moss

Heather cooking
That evening Heather cooked for all of us.

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