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Monday was a pretty cold day, it only got a few degrees above 0 F from 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon. Dan and Heather live just a mile from the light rail stop. We started the day by going to the Mall of America.

Frozen Lake
We stopped by a frozen lake before heading out.

buying train tickets

Train station heat
We pushed the button. Nothing happened.

Train - Adam

Train - Andrew & Brent

Train - Matthew

We didn't go to the mall to buy anything*, but rather just to see the spectacle of this monument to American consumerism. It's like seeing a horrible accident on the freeway - you aren't happy that it happened, but you still slow down to take a close look and marvel at how bad the accident was. I like visiting Las Vegas for a similar reason: I don't go to participate but to see the horrible, grand spectacle of it all. It's the largest mall in America in terms of total enclosed floor space. (*Okay, so we didn't buy anything, but Brent did exchange a CD at the Best Buy there).

Bench in mall

Mall escalator

Mall love sac
There was a store dedicated to just beanbags.

Matthew at mall
There's an amusement park in the middle of the mall.

Mall playing Wii

Adam had fun taking pictures with Obama and McCain.

Adam selfpic

Adam selfpic Obama

Adam selfpic 2

Adam McCain

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