Annual Personal Financial Report

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Annual Financial Report

This is my Annual Report for my personal finances. It shows how much I earned and where I spent it, by amount and by percent.  The percentages are based on the total amount I earned this year.


As you can see below, this was a somewhat disastrous year, with a net loss of $4190.75. This is mostly due to the fact that I did not work during the summer, and I wasn't planning ahead carefully enough. There are a few areas I could improve for next fiscal year.  First of all, I could spend a lot less on health insurance by using the USC health plan.  Second, I could cut down on eating out, and eat at home more often.  I could also try to avoid the preventable costs of bank fees and credit card late fees by being more vigilant in paying my bills and watching my account balances. Finally, for 2004, I should plan to work more during the summer.

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