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Directions to Ted Salo's Auto Shop

When I need service on my car, I take it to Ted Salo's Auto Shop in Whitter. Since I recommend him to my friends, I made this page to give directions to his shop, since it's a little hard to find.

These directions are from Biola University: Ted's shop is near the intersection of Painter and Lambert. From La Mirada, go north on La Mirada Blvd, then turn left on Mulberry, then right on Painter. Before the intersection of Lambert & Painter, there is a McDonalds, right across the street from a Burger King:

Turn right, off of Painter, into the alley before (south of) the McDonalds. Go all the way to the end of that alley:

At the end, turn right, and you'll be at Ted's. It's sort of a non-descript building, that doesn't even have a sign. I think that's because Ted gets all his business by referral, he doesn't need to advertise. 

A Here's what his shop looks like:

Ted Salo Auto Repair  (562) 693-7133
13430 E. Lambert Road, Unit 7
Whittier CA 90605
Although Ted's is a little ways from Biola,
it turns out there is a bus line that goes straight
there from campus. 

See my page on Montebello Line 50:

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