Smith Family Christmas

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Annual Smith Family Christmas Party, 1997, at California Christian Homes, in Rosemead

Bonnie Carroll
Carroll and Bonnie Smith

Fern David
Fern Smith and David Smith

Phil Arliva
Phil Smith, Arliva Smith

Ron Kathy
Ron Smith, Kathy Smith

Paul Mertie
Paul and Mertie Heimbach

Jim Patti
Jim Tinley, Patti Tinley

Stan Smith Family
Stan Smith, Margo, David, Jonathan

Ken Smith Family
Ken Smith, Kathy Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Stephanie Smith

Killough Family
Jeff Killough, Kari Killough, Austin Killough

Yost Family
Yost Family. Greg Yost, Mindy Yost, Sarah, Hannah, Zachariah

Middleton Family
Walter Middleton, Monica Middleton, Alysia, Melissa,

Sunshine Family
Jeff Sunshine, Debbie Sunshine, Staci Sunshine, Jonathan

Armas Family
Bill Armas, Nancy Armas, Heather Armas, Allison Armas

Zibell Family
Tim Zibell, Denise Zibell

Ware Family
Paul Ware, Diane Ware

Playing a game

Bonnie Fern
Bonnie Smith, Fern Smith

Hannah Yost

Austin Killough

Sarah Yost

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