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Interstate Theaters - Movie 7 in La Mirada Showtimes

(Phone Recording: (714) 739-1010, which has the same info )

Location: La Mirada Theatre Center (La Mirada & Rosecrans), actually, it's closer to Rosecrans & Adelfa, over by the post office.
  See a Google Map of the location (15296 Rosecrans Ave, La Mirada, CA 90638)

Price: $1.50, all shows, all times, except Tuesday, $1.00 all day.

Update, Sept 2005: Finally, the showtimes for Movie 7 are now available on all of the standard sites, like Yahoo! Movies.  So now there is less need for this site to exist.

Finally, La Mirada has a movie theater again!  The Krikorian theater closed down in February 2000. The "Movie 7" theater has 7 screens, showing old "second-run" movies, which have been out for a while.  Like other cheap theaters, they make most of their money on the snacks.

I made this web page because I couldn't find any of this information online anywhere, and it should be online.

The Whittier Daily News has an article about the opening of this theater:,1413,207~12026~1512927,00.html
(Article no longer on their site, invalid link)

I'll see you there!

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