January 2003 - At Home

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January 2003 Family Reunion - At Home

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We spent most of our week together hanging around at home, playing games, eating, inviting people over, and working on the computers.

Singing Christmas Carols.
Matthew, Josiah, Lisa, David, Gabriel

Mark, Joel, Tom. The Tompkins family came over
one evening for dinner and we sang carols with them afterwards.

Dad reading the Christmas story

David, Josiah, Joel.
Josiah got this marble game for Christmas. I think Daddy and
Uncle Joel got to play with it more than he did.

Playing Jenga. Josiah, Joel, Matthew

David, Josiah, Joel.

I brought along my computer at worked on
digitizing some video.  Here, Josiah watches as
I make a video about our trip to the Desert Museum, starring him.

David and Andy working on their newsletters

Mark and Esther Weathers

One night, we had dinner in the front yard
around the campfire. David, Josiah, Lisa, Naomi

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