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La Mirada / Biola to LAX on the Green Line Train

If you need to get from Biola University to the LAX airport, you can use public transportation, if you're patient.  The total trip can take anywhere from 60 minutes to 2.5 hours, but probably averages 90 minutes.  See the schedules for more specific information.

Updated April 2012

(Check web sites listed below for current schedules)

Here are the directions for making the trip:

Update April 2012: Shuttle Bus Option $20.00 each way

You may want to try the new Shuttle 2 LAX company. I haven't used this company myself, but they've made shuttle travel to the airport much cheaper (it used to be $50 or $60 from La Mirada). More info on their web site:

From LAX to Biola: ($1.50 + $0.35)

Summary: Ride the free LAX Shuttle from the airport to the train station, then ride the train to Norwalk, then take a bus to Biola Ave. Details:

The last green line train from LAX to the Norwalk Green Line Station is at 12:03 a.m., so if you have a later flight, you can still ride the train to Norwalk, but if you arrive in Norwalk after 8:35 p.m., you'll have to get a ride. But it's easier to ask someone to drive to Norwalk than to drive all the way to the airport. (Tell them to pick you up at 12901 Hoxie Ave, Norwalk, just south of Imperial/Hoxie). Or you can take a taxi. There are usually some waiting there, or call Fiesta Taxi, 877-722-2122. It will be $20-$25 to Biola, but that's still cheaper than a $20 shuttle all the way from LAX.

This trip will take about 2 hours. 10 minutes waiting for the bus, 10 minutes to train station, 30 minutes on the train, 20 minutes waiting for the bus, 40 minutes on the bus, 10 minutes walking to Biola.

From Biola to LAX: ($1.60 exact change)

Summary: Take bus along Imperial or Rosecrans to Norwalk, then ride train to Aviation station, then free shuttle to each terminal at LAX.

Leave Biola 4 hours before your flight time.

The trip takes about 2 hours. 10 minutes to walk from Biola, 20 minutes waiting for bus, 40 minutes on the bus, 10 minutes waiting for the train, 30 minutes on the train, 10 minutes waiting for the bus, 10 minutes to your terminal at LAX.


I've done this at least 15 times, and never been late for a flight. Plan to leave Biola 4 hours before your flight. When you buy a ticket for the train, you don't have to give it to anyone, just keep it with you in case you are asked by a police officer. The phone number for the Norwalk Transit bus is (562) 929-5550. The trains and the LAX shuttle run until midnight. Take extra change in case you need to call from a pay phone. It's about $0.75 to call from LAX to La Mirada. You don't really need to know the Green Line schedule, since trains come so often, but here's the schedule:

Regarding safety: crime happens in dark, isolated places. The airport, the train, the bus are all well-lit, busy places, and plenty of people take the train at night. There are security cameras on the trains and buses. You'll be safe.

So if you're stuck without a ride, this may work for you.


Address of Norwalk Train Station:
12901 Hoxie Ave
Norwalk, CA 90650
(Link to Google Map of the station)

You can see more information Metro's web site:

Norwalk Transit's web site:

If you're flying to Orange County at John Wayne in Santa Ana, public transportation isn't as convenient since you're crossing a county line, see the OCTA web site:

La Mirada publishes a nice map of all the public transporation around the area:

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