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January Trip to Mexico
Trip to Mexico City and Tlapa to visit my parents. I went with Andy & Kristen, Joel, and Faith Nam. Dec 31-Jan 11, 2002.
Haenggi Reception

Wedding Reception & Ceremony for Ted Haenggi & Germaine French

Green Bay, Wisconsin, March 23, 2002. Page 1, Page 2

Biola Spring Banquet
Some of my friends went to Biola's Spring Banquet. May 2002. Here are are some of their pictures. (I didn't go.)
Downtown May 25
Visiting downtown L.A. with Heather and Jonathan.  May 25, 2002.
Baby Gabriel
  Lisa's third child: Gabriel, my nephew. October 24.
Baby James Crouse
  Cousin Angela's first child: James Crouse. December 13

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